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Our Methods

There is a number of Construction Management contract methods used. With all methods the Construction Manager is typically selected through a competitive proposal process or on a negotiated basis. For each method the amount of risk the owner and construction manager assume varies, as well as the scope of services that are provided.

Construction management joins the Owner and user groups with the Architect, Design Engineers and Timcon Construction together with the common objective of designing and building a facility that meets and exceeds all of the program and functional requirements within the shortest time for the best value within the prescribed budget limitations.

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What Sets Us Apart

Maximize Savings

Allows maximum savings due to early construction manager input.

Quicker Turnover

Project can be fast tracked for shorter duration.

Identify Costs

Accurate project costs are identified earlier as drawings develop.

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Who Is This For?

The owner selects Timcon as Construction manager for our construction expertise at the beginning of the project. Timcon will provide input, knowledge, skills and experience during the design development phase of the project. Timcon will provide input on alternate methods of construction and materials that will satisfy the Owners needs and offer an approach that is more economical to construct. With Timcon’s knowledge of construction costs and our relationships with suppliers and sub trade contractors, Timcon will provide accurate budget costing during the various stages of design. Accurate budget control at each stage is critical to ensuring the successful completion of a project in a timely manner. Timcon will also provide information and guidance on approvals, permits, safety requirements, bonding and insurance. Timcon’s scheduling expertise enables us to provide master and detailed plans and schedules throughout the design and construction phases.

What Makes It Work?

Value engineering is an integral part of our construction process. Value engineering requires teamwork, communication, planning and execution. The goal is to obtain the maximum value for the Owner’s investment and to more efficiently meet the Owner’s needs. The value engineering process involves systematic analysis of project components, systems and construct-ability, in order to present the Owner with recommendations that give them the best value. To be successful a balance between aesthetics, economics, structural and functional requirements must be achieved. Timcon presents solutions to project challenges while also providing lower cost alternatives, while still meeting program requirements. During the construction phase, Timcon will provide onsite organization, concrete construction management and supervision of all elements of the project, up-to-date schedules, shop drawing review, detailed cost and status reports, progress billings through to commissioning and turnover.

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Types Of Construction Management

The Construction manager takes on very little risk and acts as an owner’s agent with all project costs reimbursable or to the account of the owner. Sub trades
and suppliers are contracted directly to the owner. The construction manager administers these contracts as the owner’s agent. The construction manager may provide pre-construction services, course of construction services and post-construction services.

Same as Pure Construction Management (Agency), but sub trades and suppliers are contracted directly to the construction manager.

In the first two forms of construction management above, the construction manager does not guarantee the ultimate project cost. In this form the construction manager does. After providing pre-construction services, and once design drawings have progressed to a sufficient level of detail to obtain trade contractor pricing, the construction manager will submit the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

This form of construction management is often to the owners benefit given that the risks associated with the final costs of the project have been substantially

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